How KOM Works

Occupational Medicine is the medical specialty devoted to prevention and management of on-the-job injury, work related illness and disability, and promotion of health and productivity of workers.

Whether an injury is receiving treatment at Kootenai Health Emergency Department or through one of the three Walk-In Kootenai Urgent Care clinics, Kootenai Occupational Medicine will provide quality follow-up care and case management, unparalleled in our community.

The Kootenai Occupational Medicine team serves as the single point of contact for employers and third party insurers for work injury care provided anywhere within the Kootenai system. Our occupational medicine physicians and specially trained staff offer a wide range of expertise and our services can be customized to fit your company’s needs.

Kootenai Occupational Medicine provides services that include; the treatment and care of work-related injuries, physical exams, periodic screenings, and physical therapy.

Along with excellent medical treatment and management, communication and customer service is extremely important to Kootenai Occupational Medicine’s philosophy of work injury treatment and management. Our exceptional clinicians will become familiar with each employer’s unique circumstance, and even visit places of employment to learn about the unique features of each business and relate those to an appropriate work modification to keep employees at work.

The Kootenai Occupational Medicine staff is specifically trained for their role in providing workplace health care services to businesses and industries while promoting the overall health and productivity of workers, and communities.